Our Annual Appeal

"A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life."   Henry Ward Beecher

The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System needs your support today.

Shhh.Shhh.Shhh. Do you remember the libraries of the past, where quiet ruled and

only printed material was available? Imagine living in a community with an old fashioned library, or no library access at all. No programs, classes, focus groups or computers. The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System’s sole purpose is to support current library services and sustain endowments for the library's future in the Elyria City School and Keystone School districts.


Because of a library, Betsy was the only child in her first grade class who knew how to

read when school started, despite living in a small town that had no kindergartens. Kate's family moved south every winter and north every spring, only renting a house if a library was within walking distance. Mark made two gifts last year in appreciation of the way Elyria’s library system values the potential of every individual. The Foundation collects stories like these and hopes future stories will reflect the work done by the Foundation today.

The Foundation needs your financial help as we continue to support current library services and, most importantly, to endow the library system for future generations. Please consider

the impact your tax deductible contribution can make. Thank you for your dedication to the library system and for your support of the Foundation.

Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Send your check, made payable to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System, to 320 Washington Avenue, Elyria, Ohio 44035

The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by 26 USC 170.

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Why a Foundation?

Helping Ensure our Library's Future

The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System was incorporated in 2010 when the founding members recognized a continued decline in the amount of library support money from the State of Ohio, and recognized the library system's need for additional financial support. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the Foundation has the ability to invest donated funds for a better financial return than is available to the library system that uses public funding.

The Foundation's sole purpose is to seek funding in support of current library services and to ensure the library system's future financial stability.

You can help the library system continue to be a successful and important part of our community.


Giving Your Way

Choose the timing that fits your needs

Every person has the chance to build toward the future of the library system — no matter how big or small. Whatever amount you can give, how often you can give, or when you can give, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of other library users. Every. Single. Day. Your donation helps the Foundation reach its goal of securing the library into the future.

One-Time Donation

Support Us Today

Annual Donation

Help Us Make a Difference



Change Your  Life


Our community supports the library system through donations to the Foundation

How Your Gift Supports
the Library System

Donors may direct gifts for unrestricted use, designate them for a particular Endowment Fund
or choose to support current library services.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts are donations made to the Foundation. These gifts are used where they are currently most needed and help the Foundation continue its fundraising efforts on behalf of the library system.

Gifts for Current Library Services

The library system's current needs are as important as its future plans. Gifts to the Current Library Services Fund are used to help the library system sustain services and programming  currently offered to the community.

Endowment Fund Gifts

Gifts to any of the Foundation's Endowment Funds are invested to provide for the library's future needs. The principal remains intact, generating a continuous flow of income for the library's use in future years. Your gift can be directed to any one of several Endowment Funds set up by the Foundation.


ENDOWMENT FUNDS - Donor Directed Support

Donors may direct how a gift is used.

Every donor has the opportunity to help ensure the future of the library system. Whatever amount you can give, or time you are willing to dedicate, know that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of our community members. Every. Single. Day. Your donation, together with those of our other supporters, helps the Foundation carry out its Mission, now and into the future.

What is an Endowment Fund?

If your interest lies in a special service offered by the library system, a certain type of material, or even a library branch, Endowment Funds are a perfect match for you. Donations to these Funds are invested for growth. The principal remains intact. A portion of the annual investment income can be used to support the donor designated fund. Any remaining income is reinvested with the principal. Each endowment gift grows and is available for continued support of that specific fund into the future.


Choose from the following Endowment Funds, or talk to us about creating a Fund to match your interests!

Unrestricted Endowment Fund - This fund holds endowment gifts, the use of which is not donor restricted.

Capital Improvement Fund - Used to make capital improvements to library buildings,

use of this fund is directed by the library system's Board of Trustees.

Library Materials Fund - Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, reference and other library materials are purchased with this fund.

Children's Program Fund - Fees for guest performers, craft and program supplies, puppets and

reading awards, all for children, come from this fund.

Bookmobile Fund - When a new bookmobile is needed, these funds are available to help with the purchase.

Literacy Fund - The purpose of this fund is the promotion of literacy at all ages and states of development.

Keystone-LaGrange Library Fund - Support of the Keystone-LaGrange Branch as directed by the

library system's Board of Trustees is the purpose of this fund.

Who Controls the Endowment Funds?

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System manages the
Endowment Funds according to the Board's policies.

Do you want to learn more about making a gift to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library Foundation? Please contact us today.


What is Giving in the Future?

Donors who give in the future make a Planned Gift to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System through a will, trust, life income agreement or another current or deferred giving arrangement. These donors will be remembered for their support of the Foundation's work toward the library system's future.

Gifts may be specified for any of the Endowment Funds which support the library system and are managed by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. The principal of the gift remains invested. The income supports the donor's chosen Endowment Fund forever.

Planned Giving

  • Bequest in a will

  • Gift through a trust

  • Pension plan beneficiary

  • Life insurance beneficiary

  • CD beneficiary

  • Annuity

  • Current gift of cash or securities

Remembering the Foundation in your Last Will and Testament

1. You may leave the remainder of your estate after specific bequests have been made: "I give, devise and bequeath to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System all (or %) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate as an unrestricted gift" (or "to be used for: add name of specific Endowment Fund".)

2.  A general or specific bequest allows stocks, bonds, real estate, an amount of money, or a percentage of your estate to be given: "I give, devise and bequeath to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System the sum of $___ (or describe the real or personal property_ as an unrestricted gift (or "to be used for: add name of specific Endowment Fund.")

3.  A contingent bequest (a distribution from your estate), if one or more of your named beneficiaries does not survive you: "I give the residue of my estate to my brother (John). If my brother (John) does not survive me, I give the residue of my estate to the Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System as an unrestricted gift: (or "to be used for: add name of specific Endowment Fund.")

Giving in the future

. . . Endowment is forever



Join our dedicated team of givers. With your help, we will be able to do more in the future.


How the Library System Supports our Community

Pride in Our Library System

Library materials, services and programming are funded and currently available to the communities of the Elyria City and Keystone-LaGrange school districts at five locations:

Central Branch

320 Washington Avenue

Elyria, Ohio 44035

West River Branch

1194 West River Rd North

Elyria, Ohio 44035

North Branch

1005 North Abbe Road

Elyria, Ohio 44035

South Branch

(Asbury United Methodist Church)

1215 Middle Avenue

Elyria, Ohio 44035

Keystone-Lagrange Branch 

101 West Street

 LaGrange, Ohio 44050


Making your library system easily accessible to all members of the Elyria and LaGrange communities.

In addition to the five active full-service branches in Lorain County, the library system's bookmobile serves the Elyria and Keystone School District communities with scheduled visits to senior living facilities, schools, neighborhoods and places of incarceration.

Materials and resources

The library system provides access to more than 400,000 materials and free access to resources from other libraries through Clevnet.

Working as a team for the future of the library system

Our Board of Trustees

The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System was incorporated in 2010. Since that time, we have worked with dedicated and charity minded people to support the library system with current financial needs and in planning for the future.


Our board, made up of dedicated community members, is taking he Foundation to a new level of community awareness as we strengthen the library system of the future by working with donors today.

Contact us to learn more about what you can do to help.

Become part of the library system's future by donating or volunteering today.


Board Members

Rhonda Smith, President       Janet Stoffer, Secretary       Jim Vandemark, Vice President

Nancy Baldauf      Kathy Boylan      LaTaunya Conley     Cherie Fabian     Barry Hubbard     



Non-Board Members 

Lyn Crouse, Library Director

Carol Campana, Fiscal Officer


New Odyssey Concert - May 5, 2018

The Foundation's Second Annual New Odyssey Concert was held on Saturday, May 5, 2018,

at the Performing Arts Center of Elyria High School on West Avenue.

We welcomed New Odyssey back to Elyria for a last performance during its 'farewell tour'. New Odyssey planned to "go out with a bang" after 40 years of entertaining audiences

across America, and delivered on that promise. It was a great evening. The Foundation hosted a Meet and Greet, complete with hot and cold h'orderves, from 5:15-6:15 pm and the concert began at 7:00 pm.

Event Sponsor.......$2,500

Full page program ad, 8 Meet and Greet admissions, 8 concert tickets, program listing

Show Sponsor.......$1,000

Half page program ad, 6 Meet and Greet admissions, 6 concert tickets, program listing


Quarter page program ad, 4 Meet and Greet Admissions, 4 concert tickets, program listing


2 Meet and Greet admissions, 2 concert tickets, program listing

Meet and Greet/Concert...$35

1 Meet and Greet admission, 1 concert ticket

Concert Only...........$20

1 concert ticket

Program Listing........$30

No tickets

The Meet and Greet is a private reception at the Performing Arts Center prior to the concert, including heavy hors d'oeuvres and soft drinks.

May 5, 2018

The Foundation for the Elyria Public Library System presented...
New Odyssey
in concert at the Elyria High School Performing Arts Center, West Avenue,  

About New Odyssey

For 40 years, Gary Todd, Michael Jay and Gary Polkow have been performing classic rock, country and all types of music from across the decades. They are 3 guys who play 30 instruments in every high energy show. You will be surprised and delighted.  Check them out at www.newodyssey.net or on You Tube.

Have you joined us in the past?

Past Events

All of the events presented by the Foundation are fundraisers. We do not spend Foundation funds on donor gifts. All donations are used to fulfill the Foundation's sole purpose of support for the library system, now and into the future. By purchasing tickets to or sponsoring one of our fundraising events, you are helping the Foundation fulfill its mission.

April 25, 2017

A Taste of Elyria

When Lifecare Center of Elyria hosted A Taste of Elyria to benefit The American Heart Association, the Foundation set up a table and got to work meeting and greeting members of the community. did not host A Taste of Elyria, but the Foundation did sponsor a table at the event. Foundation board members mingled with guests, sampled wonderful treats and had a chance to talk about the Foundation's work with many community members.

May 8, 2016

New Odyssey Concert - 2016

The Foundation hosted New Odyssey, a band consisting of three guys and 30 instruments. This high energy concert was enjoyed by all of our guests at the Performing Arts Center at Elyria High School. We started the evening with a Meet and Greet, visiting with old friends, making new acquaintances and feasting on h'ordeurves prepared just for our guests by Sodexo.

April 30, 2013

A Storied Evening with Dan Barry of the New York Times

"This Land" columnist for The New York Times, Dan Barry, was the Foundation's guest and speaker at its first fundraiser. Mr. Barry, a George Polk Award and Pulitzer prize recipient, entertained our dinner guests in the Cascade Room of the Wesleyan Village. You may recall Mr. Barry's five-part multi-media series centered around the town of Elyria.


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